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  The Firewalk challenge
a glimpse into your limitless possibilities

The Tough as Nails Challenge
Results, no excuses.

IMAGINE…Drums pounding out a hypnotic beat, dozens of torches leading to a giant pyramid and a path of glowing coals. In only 90 minutes, you’ve already broken through boards and the membrane of fear, shattered bricks and your limiting beliefs, bent steel with a fraction of your real power and crossed the myth-busting bed of nails of The Tough as Nails Challenge, regardless of your age, size, gender or physical condition.

NOW…Fear pulses through your body, but that’s okay. You’ve just learned to feel the fear and do it anyway. And now, you know that faith, determination, commitment and action will carry you successfully to the other side of the coals to a new and more powerful you.
AND THEN…4 seconds, 5 steps, and 12 ft. later, you’re a Firewalker!

2 spectacular, one -of-a-kind, never to be forgotten experiential events

The Tough as Nails Challenge

In as little as one hour, delivering a price point and a level of results un-matched by any other speaker or event.

Learn the vast difference between 99 and 100% effort, doing vs. trying, and how not to let the judgements of others and yourself keep you from being and doing all that you can.

The Firewalk Challenge

Taking the Tough as Nails Challenge to the next level…

That 1st step will show you that you can do the “impossible”

A life lesson for your personal and professional life!

Available for keynotes or to jump-start or put a final, powerful statement on your multi-day function or to provide the “action” component when combined with another speaker to reinforce their words and provide greater impact and meaning. 

Here’s what they’re saying…

“Why? To teach them there’s no problem that can’t be solved”—Meetings and conv.

“The ultimate motivational experience”—Newsweek 

“One hot teambuilding experience”—Corp. Meetings and conv.

“Your entire operation was 1st class”—Deco Productions

“You made me look like a hero”—E. Larkin, MPI, So.FL.

“An act of faith”—The Miami Herald

Thrilled Clients and Venues…

Delano Hotel—Miami Beach, FL

Disney Yacht and Beach Club

Eden Roc Hotel—Miami Beach, FL

San Diego Marriot Harbor

Unisys Corp.

Avaya Corp.

Edison Electric

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