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Robert CORK Kallen

Dear put-upon, up-against-the-wall fellow meeting planner, Let’s cut to the chase-the meeting industry gets more stressful every day and you're thinking about looking for a “normal” job. You’ve just been asked/told to deliver an event that’s Beyond mere entertainment or classroom-like lectures, seminars Out-of-the-box, “wow us!” 

Capable of building a team from a downsized, dispirited, overworked, stressed out and fearful workforce-lots of luck!

Truly interactive-get ‘em really involved; not just that rah-rah motivational rap, or book reading or cd homework that delivers immediate and lasting results AND, oh yeah, you’ve got 4 weeks (not months) and a budget that’s been cut to the bone. 
WHAT IF? There were 2 events that fit the bill, starting
for as little as $3500, that had the participants teach themselves in 1-3 fully customizable/themed/branded fly-by hours that individually or as a team they’re more than capable of: 

Efficiently and purposefully responding to the added pressures and demands of their company’s survive-or die operations mode

Accomplishing seemingly insurmountable hurdles and tasks

 Overcoming and surpassing their illusory fears towards vastly improved performance in their corporate and personal lives by learning the vast difference between 99 and 100% effort
 Do or do not, there is no try
 That sometimes you only 1 chance to get it right
 How to stop letting the judgements of others and our own self-limiting beliefs keep us from
being and doing all that we can HOW?

The Achievement Groups and Robert Cork Kallen present...
1. The Tough as Nails Challenge, results, not excuses And our signature event-
2. The Firewalk Challenge, a glimpse into your limitless possibilities
REMEMBER, you can hire the “best’, most famous and expensive celebrities and speakers in the world, BUT, until your group takes action, it’s just a bunch of soon-to-be-forgotten words & entertainment.
For 25 years, we've been providing these life-changing never-to-be-forgotten events for
corporate and private groups, PR campaigns, product launches and charitable fundraisers.

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