Why This? Why Us?

Why This? Why Us?

The Achievement Groups and Robert Cork Kallen Present
The Firewalk Challenge a glimpse into your limitless possibilities

The Tough as Nails Challenge
Results, not excuses
WHY In The World Would I Want To Cross a Bed of Nails or Walk on Fire?
BECAUSE, at these events, you'll teach yourself, not by sitting back & listening to some rah-rah
motivational speaker, but by actually doing; proving to yourself...
How to change from saying:
“I’m trying” —to- “I’m doing”; “I might” —to- “I will’; “It's not MY problem” -to- “I’m responsible”
“It’s a problem” -to- “It’s a challenge”; “I can’t —to- “I can”
You'll learn and experience:
* The vast difference between 99 and 100% effort
* How sometimes life offers you only 1 chance-better grab it while it’s available; and sometimes you need to get it right the first only time
* How to connect with the powerhouse within
* How to instantly produce incredible energy on demand
* How to go 20, 30, 40% further than you thought possible
* How to take more responsibility for your life and stop blaming others
* How to feel fear and do it anyway
* How to stop letting the judgements of others and your own self- limiting beliefs keep you from being and doing all that you can
* To do or do not, there is no try
* The magic of acting as if you couldn't fail

AT the conclusion, you'll be given a simple anchoring technique that you can access on demand and recreate that same powerful feeling.

LOOK - you’ve spent your whole life laying the foundation for increased enlightenment. It may have taken you months or even years to finally take action. It’s time for a quantum leap forward-to cross over from fear to action to a new reality. Well, here’s your opportunity. The teacher is ready if the pupil is willing.

WHY? Here’s what others are saying...
“Why?...to teach them there’s no problem that can’t be solved.” -

Meetings and Conventions Mag. “The ultimate motivational experience...” —- Newsweek
“One hot teambuilding exercise” — Corp. Meetings & Incentives Mag.
“I’ve never seen a group so mesmerized by a program” - Human Resources Assoc., Broward Cty., FI.
“You made me look like a hero. Everything you did was more than expected.” — Ellen Larkin, MPI, S.FI.
“Your entire operation was 1st class.” — Deco Productions, Hialeah, FI.
“An act of faith” — Miami Herald
“I’ve been to countless workshops and seminars, but the message was never as clear, immediate and lasting as at the Firewalk.” Unisys Corp.
“The response to Cork’s program was incredible. People who felt like they were held back by their fear felt released and free.”- Randy Gage
“When you walk through fire, you shall not be burned, and the flames shall not consume you.” — Isaiah 43:2
“Do or do not, there is no try.” — Yoda

OF COURSE, it’s only their opinions. What really matters is what you believe or KNOW how this event will make a massive difference in the quality of your personal and professional life.

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